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Case Study: Spending 100% of your advertising budget
on Google and Facebook is so 2013. We show QSN Health
how to reduce PPC spend AND increase leads!

Launched in Australia in 2014

Launched in Australia in 2014, QSN Health has an integrated Smoking Cessation Program. QSN has built their business on the back of PPC advertising and marketing, but were intrigued with how inbound marketing could help them.
By moving part of their PPC budget into Inbound Marketing, we were able to produce engaging, quality content written specifically for their top buyer persona we identified.

This content is written in the form of Blogs, hosted on their website and promoted through their social media channels. The blogs are carefully written and optimised for specific keywords, researched so as to achieve organic traffic through mainly Google. Over time these pages build and build organic traffic.

Blogs have CTA (call to action’s) with longer, created ebooks used to entice and attract. Boosting blogs on Facebook is much cheaper than running ads, and are more appealing and attract a wider audience than what their ‘Buy it Now’ style of ads achieve.
Inbound marketing really does attract people, higher up the marketing funnel than those ready to make the purchase decision. When registering, to download their free ebook, people are asked further qualifying questions.

With this qualifying information we can start to send that person tailored information, using automated email workflows that can send different information depending on how the person engages with the previous information sent.
People are moved down through the marketing funnel (TOFU, MOFU & BOFU) with appropriate information that reflects their stage in the buying process.
And, with some 70% of people preferring to click on search engine organic links rather than ads, we know we are now also attracting brand new customers for their Program, through all their indexed pages.
Happy client, now has rolling this out in the UK and USA for them.

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