Sarah Jane Knapp

Social Media Goals & Achieving Them

As an emerging designer, the client needed to create an awareness to the brand as well as sales & interest. But as a small business we needed to achieve these goals with the smallest possible budget.

In the past 5 years with the growth of image centric social media platforms such as Instagram, small businesses are being given a chance to reach huge audiences and turn fans into sales with little to no budget. With SJK we have chose to focus on Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest to increase organic search as well as raise awareness and lead generation.


Starting from scratch we set up all accounts & begun research and AB testing with content in order to create our first Content strategy. Additionally, we worked with the client to redesign the website which includes an online store, in order to ensure it was user friendly, professional & visually appealing.


Bloggers & Press

A huge part of using Instagram for a business successfully is to take advantage of fashion bloggers with large followings. By contacting bloggers which were in line with the brands values & style we have been able to double our


Key Achievement’s

We organized, assisted with PR & organized the professional filming & photography of collection preview for the client in order to create content for the website & social media, while also inviting bloggers who attended to take their own photos for social media. This night additionally translated into online sales and presales for this collection and was a huge success.

To date we have had several bloggers wear the client’s designs and we are building up a steady and loyal social media following, especially noticeable on Instagram. Recently Celebrity Jess Mouboy wore the design on international TV.

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