Video Marketing

We have been producing and amplifying videos for over 10-years and here are 6 things we hold to be true:

  1. Everyone loves video.
  2. Video can add credibility and professionalism to any brand, product and service.
  3. You see, you hear, you feel. Video.
  4. Social video is HUGE.
  5. Best served with an inbound marketing content strategy.
  6. Remember to analyse the response data.

Check out this video that was added into one of QSN Health’s automated inbound marketing middle of funnel workflows. It caused an immediate 10% uptick in contacts to qualified lead. The results were a breathe of fresh air.

From as little as $2,000 per month, we can add a video marketing production package to your inbound marketing retainer.  That can give you 12 videos per year, enough to lift your marketing up a level or twelve.

“We found HatMedia to be creative and thorough, when
making our video. They really took the time to drill down
into the key communication points required to market our
Practice. We love the final product!”

Helen, North Shore Family Chiro

Video Marketing on Facebook: Understanding the metrics that really matter

Video Marketing

Positive Real Estate

Video marketing helps the senior executive team demonstrate and share their extensive property knowledge, to potential new clients on Facebook and has  become an essential part of their demand generation strategies.


What better way to launch a brand and explain the state of Artificial Intelligence than through motion graphics. Check out these bite-sized videos that we created for Lenovo:

North Home Gallery

Residential luxury home builder North Home Construction’s Showroom of available fixtures and fittings was brought to life with a short series of videos that also answered the ‘Why North Home?’ question.

QSN Health

With an incredibly sceptical audience, the use of emotionally ‘raw’ and very ‘real’ client testimonials helps reach and cut through to their audience. There wasn’t a dry eye in the office.


When you have a visually pleasing product that adds value and style to your property, you need a visually pleasing video to add value and style… to your marketing.

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