About Hat Media

Let us introduce ourselves

We are a close knit family that believes in innovation and growth hacks. We surround ourselves with clients that inspire us and have the same mindset.

  • We work with a relatively small number of clients, mainly Tech & SaaS for B2B, running campaigns in Australia, the UK, the USA and APAC.

  • We're moderately nerdy and love the detail that comes with running demand-generation marketing, account-based marketing automated workflows and the like.

  • We can talk jargon or non-jargon depending on what you prefer.

  • Finally, with staff based in the Northern Beaches Sydney, Hobart Tasmania, the Gold Coast, the Blue Mountains, the United Kingdom and North America, we have nailed the concept of a modern workplace and love it!

Meet the team

  • Joana

    Joana Inch

    Head of Digital

  • Nigel

    Nigel Houghton


  • Josh

    Josh Bryer

    Creative Director (Writer)

  • Charlie

    Charlie Barry

    Client Lead & Content Marketing Manager

  • Kira

    Kira Stuart

    Project Manager & HubSpot Expert

  • Chelsea

    Chelsea Sneyd

    Social Media Manager

  • Kriezyl

    Kriezyl Cal

    Designer & Video Content Creator

  • Kasey

    Kasey Clark

    Senior Copywriter

  • Brooke

    Brooke Waterhouse

    Social Media & Marketing Executive

  • Jeanne

    Jeanne Paula

    Social Media & Marketing Executive

  • Simon

    Simon Turk

    Senior Tech Stack Expert

  • Luke

    Luke Rozen

    Videographer & Video Editor

Our Core Capabilities

  • Content Marketing: Strategy, Planning & Campaign Execution.

  • Account-based Marketing: 1:Many ABM, 1:Few ABM & 1:1 ABM Strategy, Planning & Execution.

  • Demand Generation: PPC- LinkedIn, Meta, YouTube & SEO - Including link building; Strategy, Planning & Execution.

  • Employee Advocacy: Strategy, Planning and Execution. We are a Sprout Social Partner & B2B Social Media Marketing (LinkedIn, Meta, X).

  • World-class Creative: Thinking, Concepts and Design Deliverables.

  • B2B Content: Video, thought leadership articles, blogs, case studies, eBooks, graphics, infographics, audiograms, webinars and platform demo recordings.

  • Marketing Automation: Audits, Set Up, Workflows, Landing Page Creation, Lead Scoring, Customer Life Stage and Sales Pipeline setup, Drip and Nurture Campaigns (HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot, Eloqua, Klaviyo).

  • Data: Sales Intelligence and Engagement platforms, your choice of 6Sense, ZoomInfo, Apollo, Tech Target, Bombora, Lead Forensics and Lead Feeder.

  • Video: Production and Post Production including Talking Heads videos, Events, animation, motions graphics, explainer, social and for landing pages.

  • Event Deliverables: Creative concepts, video production and deliverables of hype reels, social, longer-form videos, interviews, design, digital and post-CRM workflows.

Our Values

At Hat Media, we exist to help make our clients look good.

  • Collaborative Partnership: Beyond a client-agency relationship, we foster collaboration. Your goals are our goals, and together, we navigate the dynamic landscape of marketing, adapting and thriving in an ever-changing environment.

  • Agility and Speed:  Our team thrives on adaptability, responding promptly to market dynamics. We're not just fast; we're ahead of the curve, ensuring that your campaigns are not just timely but on point and trendsetting.

  • Can-Do Approach: Challenges excite us. We approach every project with a positive mindset, finding solutions and exceeding expectations. Your success is our priority, and we take pride in our proactive approach.

  • Quality, Accuracy, and Attention to Detail: In a world where others may compromise on details, we stand out for our commitment to quality, accuracy, and meticulous attention to every aspect of your campaign. Your brand deserves nothing less.

  • On-Time and On-Budget: We understand the value of both time and resources. Our focus is not just on meeting deadlines but on doing so without compromising the budget. We believe in efficiency without sacrificing excellence.

  • Success: We love nothing more than to see our clients' campaigns succeed.