Employee Advocacy

Because your people are 2 x more trusted than your CEO

Employee Advocacy
An essential way for companies to amplify their social selling, cut-through the noise and get engagement in a saturated social media landscape.

Employee advocacy is your secret weapon to success in an increasingly difficult organic social media market. It is what allows our B2B content marketing strategy to outperform the competition.

Organic social is no longer enough for businesses to get attention and engagement from their target audience.

Harness the power of your employee’s social media audiences to generate genuine, engaged and qualified prospects for your sales team.

Culture Catalyst: Navigating Growth and Resilience in the SaaS Sphere via Employee Advocacy.

How effective is employee advocacy as part of a B2B content marketing strategy?

  • Posts generate 561% more reach when distributed by employees rather than the company

  • 76% believe that employee content is more honest than brand advertising

  • On average, an employee advocate is 2 x more trusted than your CEO.

  • 90% of B2B social media marketing strategies will incorporate employee advocacy programs by 2024

Key Considerations

  • Foster Genuine Engagement - Encourage and nurture genuine employee engagement by fostering a supportive and inclusive culture that motivates employees to advocate voluntarily.

  • Clear Guidelines and Training - Provide employees with well-defined guidelines, training, and resources to empower them to advocate effectively while avoiding potential pitfalls.

  • Alignment with Organisational Value - Ensure that the program's goals and messaging align with your company's core values and mission to maintain authenticity and credibility.

Our Employee Advocacy Process

Six Steps to Success


Define Objectives and Metrics

Identify clear, measurable objectives for the program, such as increasing brand awareness, driving website traffic, or conversions. We establish key performance indicators (KPIs) to track the program's success from the get-go.


Identify Advocates

Identify and recruit enthusiastic and influential employees who are willing to participate in the program. We recommend including a diverse group from various departments to showcase a broader range of perspectives.


Develop Training and Guidelines

Create comprehensive training materials and guidelines that educate advocates on the program's purpose, expected behavior, and best practices for sharing content.


Curate Engaging Content

Develop a content strategy that provides advocates with a steady stream of relevant and shareable content, such as articles, blog posts, infographics, and videos.

We tailor content to suit different platforms and teams.


Empower and Incentivise Advocates

Provide advocates with easy-to-use tools and platforms for sharing content, including social media management tools.

We recommend rewarding active advocates through gamification, incentives, or internal recognition programs to boost motivation.


Measure, Optimise, and Iterate

Regularly analyze the program's performance against established KPIs and adjust our strategy, content, and training based on data and advocate feedback to continually enhance the program's effectiveness.

We also collect feedback from advocates to identify challenges and areas for improvement.

Teletrac Navman Employee Advocacy

Teletrac Navman is a connected mobility platform bringing next-generation telematics solutions.

With over 800 employees globally, we launched Strategic Employee Advocacy in Australia & New Zealand with the following goals for the Pilot:

  • ROI: Demonstrating a tangible return on investment within a span of just 6 months.

  • Strengthening Employee Engagement and Satisfaction: Attain a certain % participation rate in the Employee Advocacy program and a certain % improvement in employee satisfaction scores regarding company engagement.

  • Driving Engagement and Sales: Boost engagement rates by a specific % on content shared by employees and achieve a certain % quarterly increase in leads generated via social media channels.

  • Increase Brand Visibility: Achieve a specific % quarterly increase in social media impressions and a specific % increase in website traffic originating from social media platforms.

Sarah the Marketing Manager from Teletrac Navman and her thoughts on working with Hat Media (see the video above).

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