Marketing Automation

Because who has time for manual labour in the digital age?

Empowering Businesses to Meet Evolving Expectations
Through Omnichannel Strategies and Strategic Automation

In a market where customer expectations are rapidly shifting, businesses must adapt to stay relevant. Strategic automation, particularly through marketing automation tools, plays a pivotal role in meeting these evolving demands.

Whether it's personalised email campaigns, targeted social media ads, or automated customer support, marketing automation empowers businesses to deliver timely and relevant interactions that meet the digital-first preferences of today's consumers.

Investing in the right tools and technology is the key to ensuring your business operates with utmost efficiency and stays at the forefront of innovation, and continues to meet KPIs.


Key Creative Considerations

  • Tech Stack Prioritisation: By aligning your marketing automation tools with your organisational objectives, you can empower your team to deliver cohesive and impactful campaigns.

  • Customer-Centric Approach: By adopting an omnichannel mindset and leveraging data-driven insights, businesses can create seamless customer journeys that transcend traditional boundaries and drive long-term loyalty.

  • Orchestration with AI: The importance of AI-driven omnichannel experiences cannot be overstated with a focus on capturing and understanding customer intents and behaviors in real-time.

  • Optimising Self-Service: Addressing the self-service disconnect is imperative for businesses aiming to enhance customer satisfaction and reduce support costs. By implementing cloud-native platforms, companies can provide customers with instant access to relevant content and resolutions, significantly improving the efficiency of self-service interactions.

Get started with your Marketing Automation Basics

How it works

Six Steps to Success


Audit and Objective Setting

We begin by conducting a comprehensive audit of all existing systems and processes.

We also host workshops with cross-functional teams to align on common objectives and goals for the marketing automation implementation.


Implementation Planning

Develop a detailed implementation plan that addresses identified gaps and ensures seamless integration between systems.

We'll prioritise fixing any existing issues and establish protocols for effective communication between different platforms.


Implementation and Testing

Execute the implementation plan, deploying necessary tools and configurations.

We also conduct rigorous testing to ensure all systems are functioning optimally and data flows smoothly between them.


Team Training

Provide thorough training sessions to educate the team on how to effectively utilise the newly implemented marketing automation tools.

It's imperative to empower team members with the knowledge and skills needed to leverage automation for maximum impact.


Accountability and Support

Establish actionable playbooks and personalised academies to guide team members in their daily tasks and responsibilities.

We also conduct regular check-ins to review progress, address challenges, and provide ongoing support as needed.


Dashboard Setup and Reporting

Set up dashboards and live reporting mechanisms to enable real-time tracking of key performance indicators (KPIs).

We also ensure all teams have access to relevant data and insights to monitor the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and initiatives.


idoba is a technology-informed services company that partners with mining and resources businesses to drive value and sustainable change.

Our scope of work includes Strategic Account-based marketing (ABM) , Content production, Creative concepts, Marketing Automation and video.

Ultimately we help deliver, analyse and report on new opportunities to the sales team. We set up, onboarded and trained this WA organisation on the HubSpot CRM, Marketing & Sales Professional licenses.

Specifically, we are responsible for:

  • Target Account Development: Inclusive of uncovering new accounts. Mapping out Content and Buyer Journey for each stage of the Funnel by common target accounts.

  • ABM Execution: HubSpot engagement programs and automation created to ensure the right content is displayed at the right time.

  • LinkedIn Outreach: sales sequences using our Message Matrix and nominated sales team lead accounts. Includes copywriting for message and execution from personal LinkedIn account.

  • Social Selling: LinkedIn profile improvements for nominated sales team accounts (2) as well as a regular posting strategy and implementation to increase Thought-Leadership status.

  • LinkedIn PPC: Set-up campaigns that follow a funnel approach – Awareness to Consideration to Decision.

  • Awareness Video Content: Identify content pillars/ topics that will engage our ABM Target Accounts.

  • Consideration Video Content: Videos for the consideration phase, in the format of talking heads/ thought leadership.

  • Marketing Automation: HubSpot implementation. Set up marketing and sales funnel including life cycle stages, Account scoring, and sales sequences as per best practice. A Custom Reporting Dashboard to be created will enable all the key ABM metrics, for example, Engaged Stakeholders > Number of Meetings Booked >> Opportunity Accounts > Won Accounts & ROI Estimates v. ROI Actual.