Account Based Marketing

It's about creating meaningful connections via personalised experiences

Account-Based Marketing
Elevate your B2B strategy with our specialised Account-Based Marketing approach.

With ABM, we employ tailored campaigns that hone in on key accounts, allowing for highly personalised and impactful engagement with your most valuable clients. This approach not only enhances your ability to secure and nurture existing client relationships but also extends its effectiveness in acquiring net new clients.

Moreover, ABM is further complemented by the integration of social selling tactics. By harnessing the power of social media platforms and leveraging them as valuable touchpoints, we can expand your reach and deepen engagement with decision-makers within your target accounts.

6 Best Practices to Elevate Your Account Based Marketing

What does an account-based marketing strategy include?

  • Workshop with all business stakeholders (across multiple teams) to identify key target accounts, both new and existing within your CRM.

  • Deep dive into the individual decision makers associated with target accounts including understanding their buying intentions and motivations.

  • Content marketing audit: identifies gaps in your current content marketing

  • Development of an ABM strategy overview and delivery plan.

Key Considerations

  • 1:1 ABM - this hyper-personalised approach to targeting high-value accounts typically involves delving into existing account relationships.

  • 1: few ABM - is a targeted approach that aims to secure net new clients by focusing on a small, curated group of prospects and delivering highly personalized marketing efforts to nurture and convert them into clients

  • 1:Many ABM - is a strategy primarily geared towards landing net new clients by focusing on a select group of prospects and tailoring marketing efforts to their specific needs and interests.

Cultivating engaging content in Account-based Marketing (ABM)

The Hat Media ABM Process

Six Steps to Success


Market Research

Research your TAM and Ideal Client Profiles to determine specific ABM strategies and Tiers.


Asset Analysis

Determine what we have in our toolbox: We analyse all your tech data to find re-engagement opportunities, content that can be repurposed and see where the gaps lie


Team Alignment

Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success teams - all working together to achieve common goals. We make this happen.


Creative Concepts

Because they help to breakthrough a crowded marketplace and communicate key messages seamlessly.



Armed with data, creative concepts, and team input, we put together the high-level strategy for the first



Our team of specialised experts work together with your team to toll out this strategy, define success and SCALE

$66million via ABM

and Social Selling for Lenovo

Tech Revolution stands as a trailblazing digital content platform created for Lenovo with Intel as a partner.

It was curated for the mobile era, dedicated to furnishing IT decision-makers throughout the Asia-Pacific region with the latest tech insights.

Our milestones include:

  • Demonstrating a tangible return on investment within a span of just 12 months.

  • Earning the distinction of being recognised by LinkedIn's global content evangelist as one of the top 1% of content marketing sites globally.

  • A nomination for the esteemed "Best Content Marketing & Collaboration" award, presented by mUmBRELLA Asia.

  • Attracting and engaging prominent industry influencers to contribute their perspectives to the Tech Revolution.